Image Transfer Bloopers

We had wild times making the Image Transfer Workshop, figuring out what could go wrong and just all the different processes.

The funniest thing we both did, is to forget to turn on the iron on the several projects that required ironing. You would be surprised how long it took us to figure out why the transfer wasn't working. Duh.

Since we did most of this during the winter, when we got to the wintergreen transfer our studios smelled of wintergreen for at least a month! Yuck.

The gelatin transfer was great fun but took us several times to get the recipe right. It pays to read the directions thoroughly. Otherwise it is ooey, gooey.

While working on the solar silkscreen, Darlene came out to check on the exposure and her shadow fell over the plate, thereby changing the exposure times. So much for the tan.

Surface Treatment Bloopers

It turned out that we were almost blooper-free with our second book, Surface Treatment Workshop, with the excepiont of the shaving cream technique. Darlene had used scented shaving cream and could barely breathe for days. As you see in the book, we highly recommend scent free shaving cream.

We hope you have as much crazy fun with both our books as we had writing them.